Monday, August 12, 2013

August 31

IT was once pointed out to me that in countenance a gray parrot and an elephant resemble each other.

But presumably the creatures themselves remain to this day unconscious ot their common type, and inhabit pastures or trees or caravans or cages without a notion that each is (with limitations) the other's looking-glass; thus living and thus dying as utter aliens even when brought face to face.

"Know thyself" is an old-established injunction, and conveys a hint that probably we do not know ourselves.

It is startling to reflect that you and I may be walking about unabashed and jaunty, while our fellows observe very queer likenesses among us.

Any one may be the observer: and equally any one may be the observed.

Liable to such casualties, I advise myself to assume a modest and unobtrusive demeanor.

I do not venture to advise you.

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