Monday, August 5, 2013

August 12

"Behold the Lamb of God."--(ST. JOHN i. 36.)

LET us study a lamb, in hopes of learning from it something concerning our adorable Saviour. For such similitudes as are employed in Holy Scripture must contain a lesson for us.

The lamb, Divinely appointed for sacrifice, does obviously typify Christ sacrificed as our atonement.

But this is, so to say, the lamb's office, not his essence. So that we may still ask: wherefore was a lamb, rather than another living creature, chosen for so sacred a purpose?

The main answer may indeed lie beyond our reach in a region of mysteries: yet none the less some wisdom within our reach may lie upon the surface.

At first sight, then, a lamb is a picture of innocence. Its woolly white face looks as pure as a snowdrop, its voice has a plaintive tone of perpetual appeal which goes to the heart. It is cheerful, moreover, full of pretty ways and contentment. It is born when earth, arraying herself in renewed verdure, prepares to blossom as a step toward fruitfulness: it inhabits clean green meadows, and drinks sweet clean water.

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