Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 20


INTERRUPTIONS are vexatious.

Granted. But what is an interruption?

An interruption is something, is anything, which breaks in upon our occupation of the moment. For instance: a frivolous remark when we are absorbed, a selfish call when we are busy, an idle noise out of time, an intrusive sight out of place.

Now our occupations spring? . . . from within: for they are the outcome of our own will.

And interruptions arrive? . . . from without. Obviously from without, or otherwise we could and would ward them off.

Our occupation, then, is that which we select. Our interruption is that which is sent us.

But hence it would appear that the occupation may be wilful, while the interruption must be Providential.

A startling view of occupations and interruptions!


  1. Certainly God sometimes interrupts. For which we should be thankful.

  2. It helps me to be more gracious when I remember that each interruption is Providential--though, unfortunately, I'm not sanctified enough to actually remember this very often : )