Friday, August 2, 2013

August 3

THERE exists of the mezereon a certain foreign species whereof the inner bark resembles lace: insomuch that the women of the same region do actually make use of it as lace.

The plant wears its lace within, the women wear theirs without: the twain seem in some sort to make up between them one image of that "King's daughter" who being "all glorious within" is also "brought unto the King in raiment of needlework;" the lace and the needle-work in question being alike such as no needle on earth could embroider.

Yet the mezereon clad "in its own lace lining, manifests one marked superiority over women arrayed visibly in the same lace: for not they but the plant becomes our emblem of St. Peter's ideal matron "whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning . . . of putting on of apparel; but let it be the hidden man of the heart."

The Creator of all things good has Himself decked a plant with hidden lace. Is the whole of our lace on the surface?


Daphne mezereum

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