Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 28


Had not ambition and pride, jealousy and envy, said their say to the embroilment of the subject and the abashing of the meek, would any impartial ordinary reader call in question that some sort of advantage, precedence, preeminence, did according to the inspired Gospel record really and truly appertain to St. Peter?

To deny so much, unless it be false, lands us in Babel, the city of confusion. To ackowledge so much, if it be true, will not by itself "violently turn and toss" us out of our venerable Anglican Mother Church.

This Vigil of St. Peter invites us all to one of two profitable exercises: --whoso holds the truth, let him cleave thereto thankfully: whoso detects or suspects himself as being in error, let him "pray that he may interpret" at least to himself.

Only the envious can be injured by St. Peter's primacy, whatsoever it amounts to.

Only the ambitious can profit by his exaltation above his genuine level.

Now there is nothing injurious in such an injury, nor aught profitable in such a profit.

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