Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 21

O YE, who are not dead and fit
Like blasted tree beside the pit
But for the axe that levels it, --

Living show life of love, whereof
The force wields earth and heaven above:
Who knows not love begetteth love?

Love poises earth in space, Love rolls
Wide worlds rejoicing on their poles,
And girds them round with aureoles.

Love lights the sun, Love through the dark
Lights the moon's evanescent arc,
Lights up the star, lights up the spark.

O ye who taste that love is sweet,
Set waymarks for all doubtful feet
That stumble on in search of it.

Sing notes of love; that some who hear
Far off inert may lend an ear,
Rise up and wonder and draw near.

Lead life of love; that others who
Behold your life, may kindle too
With love and cast their lot with you.

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