Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 25

LORD, grant me grace to love Thee in my pain,
   Through all my disappointment love Thee still,
   Thy love my strong foundation and my hill,
Though I be such as cometh not again,
A fading leaf, a spark upon the wane.
   So evermore do Thou Thy perfect Will
   Beloved through all my good, through all mine ill,
Beloved though all my love beside be vain.
If thus I love Thee, how wilt Thou love me,
   Thou Who art greater than my heart? (Amen!)
   Wilt Thou bestow a part, withhold a part?
The longing of my heart cries out to Thee,
   The hungering, thirsting, longing of my heart:
What I forewent wilt Thou not grant me then?

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