Friday, November 15, 2013

November 13

FEAST OF ST. BRITIUS OR BRICTIUS OR BRICE, BISHOP OF TOURS. Born in the fourth century; died about the year 443.

BRITIUS was brought up by St. Martin of Tours and succeeded him in that See.

In youth he appears to have been headstrong and worldly, and accusations beset him in afterlife. According to one version of his story these accusations were refuted; yet his flock appears to have lost, if it ever had entertained, confidence in him: another Bishop superseded him in his diocese, and was followed by yet another, while Britius spent seven penitential years in Rome.

Thence he travelled homewards with letters recommendatory from Pope Sixtus III.; the See once more fell vacant, and he resumed his former charge and dignity, holding them for another seven years until death removed him. Meanwhile he had acquired a saintly reputation.

I have seen a different coloring given to his story, but I follow the more favorable account.

"Charity . . . rejoiceth not in iniquity."

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