Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 10

SCARCE-TOLERABLE life which all life long
   Is dominated by one dread of death,--
   Is such life, life? If so, who pondereth
May call salt sweetness or call discord song.
Ah me, this solitude where swarms a throng!
   Life slowly grows and dwindles breath by breath:
   Death slowly grows on us; no word it saith,
Its cords all lengthened and its pillars strong.
Life dies apace, a life that but deceives:
   Death reigns as though it lived, and yet is dead:
Where is the life that dies not, but that lives?
   The sweet long life immortal, ever young,
   True life that woos us with a silver tongue
Of hope, much said and much more left unsaid.

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