Monday, October 21, 2013

October 29

WHO has not rejoiced at the ever familiar, ever marvellous aspect of the stars? Those resplendent orbs remote, abiding.

But now science, endeavoring to account for certain recurrent obscurations of one or more such luminaries, suggests that among them and with them may be revoloving other non-luminous bodies; which interposing periodically between individuals of the bright host and our planet, diminish from time to time the light proceeding from one or other; and again, by advancing along an assigned orbit, reveal their original brightness.

"Such knowledge is too wonderful and excellent for me: I cannot attain unto it."

Yet none the less does the physical hypothesis suggest a spiritual analogy.

If certain stars which present mere dimness and obstruction to our eyes are notwithstanding genuine celestial bodies fulfilling their proper revolution in their legitimate orbit, may not some human fellow-creatures who to us exhibit no sign of grace, yet be numbered among the children of God, and have their lot among the saints?

God grant that so it may be, and grant me fellowship with them.

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