Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2


I AM told of certain birds which for protection take up their abode beneath wasps' nests. How it happens that they (as I assume) escape being stung, I do not know; but one sees at once that outside enemies might thus be kept at bay.

A wasps' nest for a canopy; wasps for neighbors: clearly in itself no attractive neighborhood. Yet better than the alternative, death, or deadly bereavement. So those birds are wise which, preferring of two evils the less, contrive of stings a shelter.

Similarly those persons are wise who among evils choose the less rather than the greater.

Why not accept all our trials as beneficial wasps and wasps' nests?

What is most irritating teaches patience, if we will be taught: what is most overbearing teaches humilty, if we will learn.

Patience and humility predispose to faith, hope, charity: and where these are, there is safety.

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